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the Trusted Financial Advisor Team

Company Profile

Compass Capital Corporation is a Trusted Financial Advisor founded in 1984 by Timothy F. Shanahan and is an SEC registered investment advisor. There is one primary office and some of our advisor agents maintain separate local offices. Compass has 12 investment professionals and 3 support staff. As of June 30, 2014, the firm had in excess of 600 clients and was actively managing in excess of $170 million of total assets. We offer fee-based financial planning advice and investment management.

Compass Securities Corporation (member FINRA, SIPC) is an institutionally focused specialized broker/dealer established in 1985 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Compass Capital Corporation.


It is often a life-changing event that drives you to seek out the help of a Trusted Financial Advisor. Compass helps you make intelligent financial and investment decisions. We deliver trusted financial advice to you with our expertise, people, information, and technology. Compass embraces the total financial planning approach in working with its clients. Time is taken to assess each client’s needs, goals, time horizon and appetite for risk. We believe that integrating these factors support our clients’ goals for a successful investing experience.

Compass, as Your Trusted Financial Advisor℠, seeks to provide a favorable long-term investor experience through uniquely constructed asset allocation portfolios designed to help you achieve your goals. Our process is to match your goals to an investment strategy that can offer you market like returns with less than market risk. Studies have confirmed our belief that the overwhelming determinant of success in an investment strategy is not which specific securities or funds were included, but how the assets were divided among the asset classes.

How We Can Help

Compass Capital, as “Your Trusted Financial Advisor℠”, can provide you with the best quality personalized financial and investment advice. We believe in advising clients in a professional manner, understanding the investment vehicles that we select through due diligence, and in placing the client’s interest first.


Typically we start our client relationships with personal financial planning. Once our analysts have examined economic and capital market conditions, diversified allocation commitments are made to specific asset categories (i.e. cash, bonds, stocks (foreign and domestic), and non-correlated assets). We then select individual mutual funds, ETFs, or securities to complete the portfolio’s investment objective. Compass’s investment committee reassesses its allocation and manager commitments at least quarterly and makes changes to the portfolios under its advisement as warranted.

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