Articles of General Interest

SEI December Market Commentary – A detailed discussion about current market trends at the beginning of 2015.

Diversification – A three minute video presentation, introduced by Tim Shanahan, on the importance of a diversified portfolio.

The Risks of Market Timing- a short video introduced by Omar Mian on how to keep your cool and avoid making potentially costly decisions based on a knee-jerk reaction.

Tom Licciardello introduces this quick video his thoughts on Chasing Performance. The bottom line is that when it comes to stellar past performance credited to “highly rated” funds, it’s important to remember that yesterday’s top performer may be tomorrow’s under-performer.

Four Common Investing Pitfalls – A four minute video presentation by Tim Shanahan, Chief Investment Strategist of Compass Capital Corporation

SEI Tax Smart Investing

SEI Private Client Market Growth – One of our most-recommended portfolio strategies

SEI Tactical ETF Market Growth – For clients who prefer ETFs over mutual funds

SEC Investor Bulletin: Top Tips for Selecting a Financial Professional

South Shore Insider: Tim Shanahan – January 13, 2010 Patriot Ledger article on Tim Shanahan, President of Compass Capital Corporation.

Smart 401(k) Investing – Part of FINRA’s Smart Investing series. The Smart Investing series offers comprehensive information plainly, simply, and without bias to help investors reach their goals.

Mutual Fund Breakpoints: A Break Worth Taking – Direct link to the FINRA Investor News Alert on Mutual Fund Breakpoints.

What Can the Little Guy Learn from the Institutional Investor? – Tim Shanahan’s article on investment strategy

Your Rights Under SIPC Protection – If you’ve ever wondered about Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) coverage, its limits, and how it works, check out this link.

Brand Interview – Founder and CEO of Compass, Tim Shanahan is responsible for the strategic and creative implementation of Compass’s brand effort to date. He shares some of his views on the branding process and what it means to Compass.

Teach Your Children Well,” by Ben Stein – 12 steps to teach kids the value of a buck.


“Breaking Bounds, Achieving Goals”  Two short videos about our investment process.

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