start-modelling-01We offer financial planning as part of our process of working with clients. The planning often centers on financially modeling what your retirement could or should look like.

Our typical planning assignment might be for a client to ask us to show what their retirement looks like at a given age with a set of assumptions about assets, goals, investment return and inflation and taxes. The modeling we do is interactive using tools in our MoneyGuide Pro software we’re able to securely share a link to our work to our client so they can play “what if” and move sliders back and forth to change assumptions  about  investment return and inflation and taxes to see the impact on their retirement as we’ve modeled it.

I’ve typically preferred the phase “model” over “plan” as model to me sounds more interactive and flexible where as a plan sounds so fixed (even though it’s not).

If you, anyone in your family or friends needs our help modeling anything financial – we do that!

  • Retirement
  • Education funding
  • Large expenses or investments
  • Real estate analysis and more.

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